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Shaping a safer world
through innovation
We are a group of market leading wireless businesses united by a strong commitment to keeping people and their environment safe using the power of wireless technology and digital systems ORAMA GROUP
Wide range of wireless, digital products
and services
Our companies offer a wide range of wireless products and services, to suit a variety of different industries, from construction to commercial and industrial applications. ORAMA GROUP
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The Orama Group

The Orama Group is a collaboration between Hyfire, Ramtech, and Argus—three industry-leading wireless technology companies dedicated to ensuring the safety of people and their environments. Utilising the power of wireless technology and advanced digital systems, the Orama Group delivers innovative solutions designed to safeguard buildings and their occupants throughout their entire lifecycle.

With a combined expertise in both temporary and permanent fire safety solutions, the Orama Group provides a comprehensive suite of products and services. These offerings address every aspect of a building’s fire safety needs from initial construction and renovation to ongoing occupancy. Our joint solutions cater to a wide range of industries, including construction, commercial, and industrial applications, ensuring that buildings are protected at every stage of their lifecycle.

A One-Stop Shop for Full Building Lifecycle Needs
A One-Stop Shop for Full Building Lifecycle Needs

The Orama Group's comprehensive solutions provide a one-stop-shop convenience, covering the full lifecycle needs of a building. This integrated approach simplifies the process for customers, who can rely on a single provider for all their fire safety requirements. Whether it's initial construction, ongoing maintenance, or eventual repurposing, our solutions ensure consistent and reliable protection.

Proven <BR> Reliability

Installed in more than 30 countries, our WES3 and Taurus wireless fire systems are recognised for their maximum reliability, boasting EN54-25 certification. This certification ensures that our products meet the highest standards of safety and performance, providing peace of mind to our customers.

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We believe in keeping people and their environment safe using the power of wireless technology

The Orama DNA

We are united by common Mission Purpose  Culture

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Why Orama has been created?

The Orama group has been created because the 3 companies, Argus, Hyfire and Ramtech, share 3 very important elements.

  • The digital ambition: we want to leverage the opportunities offered by advanced digital technologies to shape a safer world though innovation
  • The willingness to innovate, driven by wireless communication. We believe that technology can create value and opportunities for our customers and society, that’s why we are committed to keep people and their environment safe using the power of wireless technology and digital systems
  • The route to market: we are very close to customers, providing sales and technical support, to ensure our products and solutions are used and installed properly, but also to take advantage of the customer’s point of view and evolve our solutions accordingly
What are the Orama companies and what they do?
  • Ramtech design and develop end to end IoT (Internet of Things) and innovative wireless solutions to suit a variety of different industries, from construction to holiday parks. Ramtech is headquartered in Nottingham, UK.
  • Argus offers the widest range of commercial wireless and wired fire devices on the market, ranging from optical, multi-criteria and heat detectors to notification, alarm, interface and control units. Argus is headquartered in Muggia, Trieste, Italy.
  • Hyfire was conceived in 2007 to assist in developing and bringing to market one of the first EN54:25 compliant wireless fire systems and it’s now recognised as a trusted and expert brand of leading-edge wireless solutions. Hyfire is supported by local sales and technical support in specific countries: Italy, UK, South Africa and Norway.