Orama Global Residency Initiative was founded on the belief that art, in its various forms, constitutes a basic human right. The expression, empathy, and liberated creative thinking inherent in art increase our capacity to perceive and to understand, making us in turn more humane.

Lead by this conviction, the goal of O.G.R.I. is to engage whenever possible in a cultural/artistic exchange with under-represented and diverse communities, in an effort to increase our expressive vocabulary and range of perspective.

While I initially created O.G.R.I. as a mission statement for my upcoming 2015 artist residencies, it is my hope that, over time, Orama will become a practical resource for all like-minded creators. At its most realized, O.G.R.I. will function as an information resource, an international artist community, a curated gallery, and a platform for discussing the cultural and societal implications of such interchange.

The purpose of these international artistic projects is not morally ambiguous philanthropy, nor is it cultural appropriation. Rather, the aim of Orama Global Residency Initiative is to find and inhabit the elusive space where creative pluralism can exist.

It is now July, 2015, and the first ambitious undertaking of O.G.R.I. has been completed. Thanks to you, four months of cultural exchange, art making, and creative dialogue in Kenya and France became a reality. Moreover, with some perseverance, a solo show was set up in Santorini, Greece, during these troubling times in the EU. It is my hope that my host nations gained as much from our collaboration as I from them. Thank you to everyone who helped, whether simply through your interest or through a donation. I look forward to planning the next Orama Global project.



Stavros Pavlides